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Business Type:
Business Stage:
Experiencing Growth
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Year Founded:
No. of Employees:
Funding Received:
Self funded, Angel/Investor, Friends & Family
Internet Web 2.0, Green/Clean Tech
Last Updated:
20 May, 2011
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Smart Energy Groups

We help people save energy by connecting things to the internet that can be wached, controlled and shared.

Summary: Smart Energy Groups is a startup company based in VIC and specialising in Internet Web 2.0, Green/Clean Tech. They are currently Experiencing Growth.

Smart Energy Groups Overview

Smart Energy Groups is an on-line community for energy aware people to work together to share information on how to use energy more efficiently and reduce energy consumption. We are building the internet of things, to enable people to easily connect things to the internet that can be watched, contr...

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