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Seeking Funds For Valuable Low Cost End Australian Indie Film projects WITH BIG RETURN POTENTIAL!!

8:59AM 1st May 2012

They are low end cost films, four are already completed so for the cost of one anyone investing in, would get profit participation and credits for five films.

The filmmakers have a very smart and strategically unqiue formula to get ROI and profits on top so the potential is huge.

They are offering you a chance to be a part of filmmaking history – You can make a low risk investment for a great return over the next five years!

They are offering you a chance to be a part of filmmaking history – You can make a low risk investment into the company, designed for production of several key films, and then to gain a higher return share of the company almost immediately. Read on for more details – they are asking you for a financial backing amount up to $5,00,000AUS, split into instalments over three years - $250,000AUS each of their next two feature film productions for your return of 35% unit profit share on each film once released and sold into the market.

They are also going to include an immediate stake of 30% in our already completed four feature films which will begin a promotion campaign to sell them into the market within 12mths. This return and expected influx will be divided accordingly as per agreements designed to meet your expectations.

Alternatively, you have the option to invest on a film by film basis. They wish to build good long term relationships with all who are interested in our productions, so we can offer a minimal investment per film for a return on each films success. Investment per film start at $20,000AUD for a 3% share (only 15 options available) of the film invested in. This way you will be able to comfortably and confidently see the process of each film and then later in the future decide to invest more into the company and all its productions!

Some film investors are lucky to only invest in one film and have one shot at a successful return...They are giving 8 chances to succeed...just as you give them a shot in the same!

They'd be happy to get funds as they go with expenses. They have already used their own funds which was very small amount so showing what they have done with almost nothing, can surely show what they can do with a bit more finance.

They're master of making low budget films look more than they cost...which is why with a small amount of help, they can make more films and money more effectively.

The future as the economy rocks unsteady, a low cost high value looking film can return 200% more easily than a high cost, high end value film anyday!!

They seek their film for straight to TV and then DVD.

For more info, to see proposal and to discuss further email Ricky Valladares at or 

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