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Seeking Private Funds From For Three Potential Valuable Indie Film & TV Sitcom Pilot Projects

3:37PM 15th Dec 2011

Film Project 1 ( USA ):

they seek $between $100,000.00 - $500,000.00 so altogether it'd be $1,350,000.00 or $1,750,000.00 but if investors/you only finance higher amounts than that, they'd be willing to ask for $3 million plus for the three projects. Some known talents have expressed interest in projects above.


Film projects 2 ( Australia ):

They have a very smart and strategically unqiue formula to get ROI and profits on top so the potential is huge. They seek either $500,000.00 or $5 million. All is explained in their proposal.


Film Project 3 ( USA/Australia ) 

Seeking Funds For Zombie TV Series Project!!

Filmmakers have done two low budget version features and others so now they seek to bring all that to the TV screen!!

Seeking funds to develop and produce TV pilot first to be done in the US.

See trailers for these low budget films zombie flicks, here: First two trailers from the top.

The funds sought are full seed/start up private funding from direct investors with no upfront/legal fees attached but instead for the investor to come in a partnership arrangement ( active or silent ) to share profits once revenues and profits are generated or money would be paid back with percentage fee on top

For more info, to see proposal, financial or biz plans and to discuss further email at

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