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Startup Feature Profile: Nominal

By Gareth Rose on Monday, March 28th, 2011

Nominal is an Australian startup on iPitch. They have built a good product and are currently growing their customer base. We were interested to feature Nominal because they provide a great example to the iPitch community about a fellow startup facing typical startup challenges and working hard to succeed. Here’s the interview with Uri Maimon of Nominal:

urimaimon1iPitch: What problem is your business or idea trying to solve?

Nominal: Micro Australian businesses require a minimal set of bookkeeping tools to manage their businesses, they may need to produce a pay slip for themselves but don’t really need a payroll solution, they may need to manage a simple stock but don’t need an inventory system. Most existing solution try to be all things to all people, they focus on small businesses with a more diverse set of requirements and not on the micro businesses with a simple set of requirements. When a micro businesses uses a bookkeeping tool which was built for a bigger businesses it will too complicated and/or too expensive for his needs.

iPitch: What’s your solution?

Nominal: We provide simple accounting software that allows Australian micro businesses do their bookkeeping by themselves. Micro businesses don’t know much about bookkeeping and don’t have time to go on training, they also don’t need complicated features but still need to do things like submit their BAS, create payslips and keep GST records. We provide a simple solution that makes it easy to get started and still includes all the features a micro business needs.

iPitch: How long have you been in business for?

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Funding Connect NSW – The Perspective on Business Funding from Leading Startup Investors and Successful Entrepreneurs.

By Gareth Rose on Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

fc2011-front-bannerFunding Connect NSW was held last Thursday, 10th March, 2011 in Sydney. Funding Connect is a highly regarded event providing startup entrepreneurs with knowledge about business funding, who Australian investors are, what startup investors look for, and how as a startup entrepreneur you can go and get business funding. I was fortunate enough to get a media pass from Rachel Slattery of Slattery IT who put on another spectacular event.

A quick summary: An awesome event. Very worthwhile going. Not only were the speakers highly informative, it really was a valuable networking event and a great opportunity to meet many impressive entrepreneurs and startup investors.

NOTE - Funding Connect Victoria is still coming up in Melbourne on Tuesday 29th, March, 2011. Most of the speakers are different and it’s very worthwhile going both to hear the speakers and for the networking. If you are in Melbourne then, make sure you get tickets.

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Starting up with a Virtual Office - Give Your Business the Corporate Presence It Deserves

By Guest Author on Tuesday, March 15th, 2011


This article was written by Servcorp. Servcorp is IPitch’s Office and Virtual Services Partner.

More and more small businesses, entrepreneurs and start ups are embracing the concept of working virtually in order to grow their business as efficiently as possible without the hassles or costs. A virtual office gives you the means to develop your business from a variety of locations, without being run into the ground by the expensive costs and overheads.

The idea behind a Virtual Office is quite simple:

  • A physical office space
  • in a sought-after business location,
  • shared by numerous companies in order to lower costs,
  • utilising a shared technological platform,
  • low-cost professionalism; and
  • a framework from which to operate your business.

For many start-ups, this can be exactly what is needed to grow quickly in the early phases. You can have a receptionist, a professional address to direct all of your correspondence to and state of the art boardrooms, meeting rooms and audio visual equipment which you can book for client pitches, presentations and ad-hoc meetings.

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Patents - The Road to Riches or Ruin?

By Guest Author on Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Shelston IPThis article was written by Gareth Dixon of Shelston IP. Shelston IP is IPitch’s Legal and Intellectual Property Partner.

Patents maketh money.  Ideally.  Whilst this can be true if you’re lucky enough to hold exclusive rights to the next Post-It or Viagra, it will have others, such as Joe Battler – inventor and owner of a patent for a battery-powered “electrocution” mousetrap either rolling about in fits of laughter, or else wondering how it was that he got sucked into this veritable maze of paper, puffery, price and pain.

It’s a horrible analogy – but it’s true nonetheless – a patent is to the successful commercialisation of an invention what a lyric sheet is to a rock band.  It’s merely one piece – albeit a rather important piece – in a convoluted throng of microphones, amplifiers, guitars, drums and musicians.  Unfortunately, rock super-stardom depends on more than being lucky or talented enough to have penned the “right” song – you still need to pitch it to the right market and ensure that consumer demand is satisfied.  The analogy gets worse still, in that you’ve all got to be playing the same tune, and keeping perfect time or else the market will simply boo you off stage.  Further, there are tangibles and intangibles – how many records the tune itself sells versus how many your newfound fame sells for you.  Critically though, underpinning all of this is a basic intellectual property right that subsists from the first time you put pen to paper – the fact that nobody can rip off your song, perform it better and sell it cheaper.

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