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Matt Barrie - Entrepreneur Interview -

By Gareth Rose on Monday, May 23rd, 2011

matt-barrieThis entrepreneur interview is with Matt Barrie, CEO of and BRW entrepreneur of the year. has grown quickly into the world’s largest outsourcing marketplace after Matt acquired the base business (, rebranded it to, fixed up the business model and then acquired and merged 12 other outsourcing websites/domains.

The interview kicks off with Matts background and experience over the last decade starting up and running tech businesses and how that led him to see the opportunity with outsourcing. We then chat about how Matt acquired Freelancer then proceeded to acquire and merge a number of outsourcing competitors in order to accelerate the growth of the business.  We continue on to cover marketing, business models and more.

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Dean McEvoy - Entrepreneur Interview – Spreets

By Gareth Rose on Thursday, May 5th, 2011


This interview is with Dean McEvoy, cofounder and CEO of Spreets is a group buying company in Australia that sold to Yahoo!7 back in January for around $40 million! What’s most incredible is that Spreets had been in operation less than a year before it was sold.

The interview covers: Deans background and how that led him to starting Spreets, sales and marketing particularly in the early days when they were just starting up, the dynamics of the merchants and consumers in the group buying model, making assumptions, testing and iterating quickly, as well as capital raising and more on their $40 million dollar exit to Yahoo!7

The full interview, (in audio) can be downloaded here: Entrepreneur Interview – Dean McEvoy - Spreets

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