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Chris Shipley - Startup Interview - Guidewire Group

By Gareth Rose on Wednesday, June 8th, 2011


This interview is with Chris Shipley, CEO of Guidewire Group. Chris has been analysing and advising startups and early stage tech businesses for nearly 25 years. Based in the San Fransciso Bay Area, she’s now CEO of Guidewire Group, which developed the G/Score and now helps accelerate tech startups.

She was in Australia for the ANZATech Pitch Slam events. For her speech to the Australian tech community, during her ANZAtech visit, click here.

Founded in 2005, Guidewire Group provides startups, their supporters, and those who do business with them with the tools, data, networks and programs they need to discover, monitor, benchmark, compare, and promote early-stage companies.

The interview begins with Chris Shipley describing investors’ desires to invest in numerous companies at a time. She later provides key tips to early stage founders looking for a new entrepreneurial venture.

The full interview on video is here:

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