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Five ways a storage unit can benefit your business

By Guest Author on Monday, February 20th, 2017

This IPitch guest article was kindly supplied by Emma Lewis.  Emma is a blogger supporting Spacer – an Australian startup which helps individuals and businesses find affordable space to rent. Whenever not working, Emma is usually found spending time with her family or reading entrepreneurship and business articles and blogs.


For a small business, renting an office space seems like a daunting idea. It’s a lot of overheads for only a small boost in productivity and possibilities. But renting a storage unit or container could be something that really makes a difference, for a much smaller fee. Here are 5 ways that taking up your own storage space could hugely benefit your business.

1.         An easy headquarters

You can rent all kinds of space for your business – a storage unit, a container, or even space in a garage. But this space becomes what you make of it. Plenty of businesses have started in this kind of space and gone on to be hugely successful. For example, you could create a pop-up shop, an e-commerce business, a factory, or even a bar within a storage unit. Don’t be afraid to expand the possibilities of your business using storage. If you currently have a spare room in your home full of your stock to sell online, imagine how much more you could sell with a storage unit.

2.         Store important items

Of course, the number one benefit of a storage unit is being able to store things there. There are plenty of things that businesses require or generate but which are not used on a daily basis. For example, your documents such as invoices, receipts, and client details are probably only needed around the tax return time once the transaction has been completed. You can store your paper copies away here. You can also keep early prototypes or product samples here if you are not going to be selling them.

3.         Working office

If your business does not currently have an office address, you probably need to get one. A lot of start-ups begin in bedrooms and lounges, but to bring that start-up to success, you need to take it seriously. A storage unit can provide you with a physical office that you can use as your business address. You can also get a lot of work done there without any distractions so long as you kit it out with your business essentials. You can even meet clients here, or hold business conferences over Skype. The good news is that all they will see over the internet is you sitting at a desk – they won’t even be able to tell that you are inside your storage space. It gives you a more professional look and will set you up for greater things later on.

4.         Temporary storage

A storage unit does not have to be used long-term for it to be valuable to your business. You can also use it for temporary storage. This is useful when you are moving offices, or when you have a bit of extra stock for the moment, for example when preparing for Christmas sales. It can be a place to put unwanted things until they are needed again, such as seasonal decorations for your shop or office. Generally speaking, you can put anything that you don’t have room for at the moment in there, especially if you know that you will need it again soon. This is cheaper than selling it and then buying it again later.

5.         Keep everything safe

Finally, a storage unit is also great for storing everything safely. If your business premises are ever broken into, you will still have your unit full of everything else that has not been touched. There are a number of factors to look for when choosing a unit to make the most of this. These include security cameras, extra locks, being part of a storage compound, and being patrolled by security guards.

It definitely seems like a storage unit is useful for a business to have. Considering the cost of a unit compared to renting a new office space, it also makes the most sense to choose this option!

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