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iPitch How to Start up Business Workshop – Sydney – 13th May, 2011

By Gareth Rose on Friday, April 1st, 2011

startingupLearn how to startup. Take your business idea OR seed stage business, develop it during the workshop and leave with a comprehensive strategy and the knowledge to start up.

In this full day workshop you’ll get a comprehensive education in How to Startup that has taken proven entrepreneurs years to learn…

What you’re going to learn:

  • The most common startup mistakes. Learn the common mistakes to avoid when starting up.
  • The steps to starting up. There’s no one right way to startup. But there are proven methodical steps you can use to develop your business idea, validate it, focus your strategy and cost effectively startup. We’ll take you through these steps during the workshop both to develop your business idea and to allow you to clearly understand the startup process.
  • Defining the problem. Starting with a big problem or need.
  • Big Vision vs Launch Vision. As entrepreneurs the big vision keeps us motivated and gives direction. But it’s also one of the biggest causes of startup failure. Learn how to focus on a realistic launch vision.
  • Startup Business Planning. Plans are important but things change quickly when starting up. So conventional business planning typically doesn’t suit. We cover the key points in startup business planning.
  • Business Models. A lot of startups fail because they fail to find a working business model. Finding a working business model is key to a startups success.
  • B2B vs B2C. Direct vs Indirect. Understand who your customers really are. The key differences between different customer types and business models.
  • Identifying Assumptions. False assumptions can ruin any chance of a successful business. However, most startup founders aren’t even aware of the assumptions they’ve made. Learn how to identify your assumptions and determine their impact on your business.
  • Validation – testing assumptions. It’s vital to validate your business idea and test the assumptions you’ve made. We take you through the validation process you require for your business.
  • Launching Lean. Refine your focus on your launch vision and launch lean. We cover launch strategy and MVP.
  • Marketing and Sales. Marketing leads to sales leads to revenue. Revenue is key. Offline and online marketing and sales strategy on a startup budget.
  • Building Tech or Websites. Common development mistakes. Options for website and tech development. Strategy for technical cofounders and non tech founders.
  • Co-founders and team. Personality types, skills, experience and choosing the right startup team. The need for shared vision.
  • Overview of the funding landscape and basics of pitching.

The Workshop will be run by:

  • Gareth Rose. Lead Entrepreneur, iPitch. Co-founded the digital comic and retail startup Zynasty G and worked in two other startups. Previously worked in B2B sales and consulting in the areas of software and software services.
  • Alex Sparkes. Co-founder of iPitch. Angel investor and entrepreneur. Co-founded and sold to Fairfax digital for a multimillion exit. Exit on earlier this year. Director at Green Lane Digital.
  • David Kowalski. Co-founder of iPitch. Angel investor and entrepreneur. Co-founder and former CEO of Advisor at Has made 12 angel investments; startups like: Brandscreen, Expanz, Big Richard, iGrain, Stablesmart.

Guest speakers include:

  • Niki Scevak. Entrepreneur and angel investor, founder of Australian startup incubator Startmate and US real estate startup
  • Mick Liubinskas. Serial web startup entrepreneur. Co-founder of high profile startup incubator Pollenizer

  • David Cunningham. Marketing and sales expert. An experienced entrepreneur who has founded two startups (Shanghai Vision and both with successful trade sale exits.
  • Nick Holmes à Court. Founder and CTO of high profile Australian startup BuzzNumbers.  Experience in multiple other startup projects prior to BuzzNumbers.

“How to Startup” Workshop Details:

  • Who is it for: First time entrepreneurs with a web/tech business idea or web/tech seed stage business that you can work on during the workshop. The workshop also provides a great networking opportunity to meet other serious startup entrepreneurs.
  • When: (Revised Date) Friday, 13th May 2011
  • Time: Full Day Workshop. 9am – 5:30pm
  • Where: Pacific Room, Wesley Conference Center, 220 Pitt St, Sydney
  • Price: $195 per person
  • Tickets: We are selling 20 tickets only. There’s a limit on the number of attendees for each workshop to ensure personal attention

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