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How to Start up - iPitch Business Workshop - Event Summary

By Gareth Rose on Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

how-to-startupThe iPitch How to Startup Workshop was held last Friday 13th May 2011. Overall the day went very well, with a great response from the startup founders attending (see video below). The workshop was full with 20 founders, and it was great to have a small group to work with and give personal attention. We also got some useful feedback and learning about refinements for next time.

We achieved our goals for the workshop:

  • Educating the founders with a clear understanding of an effective  start up process
  • Helping the founders to analyse their own startups (and ideas) to identify assumptions, poorly defined problems and target customers, possible business models, effective marketing and sales strategy… and more.
  • To help the founders avoid the common product focused mistake of spending a lot of time and money making something no one wants. Instead to provide the founders with a clear focus on the customer, first testing and validating their business concept, and then moving forward to build out an MVP

Interestingly enough the group was mainly business skilled startup founders at a very early stage so it was good for the group to relate with each other. That said, the few technical founders attending were also able to get a strong understanding of starting up a viable business, business models, marketing and sales which can often be a failing of technical founders starting out.

Some testimonials form the attending founders:

If you are interested in future workshops and/or startup training, contact us here to be put on the notification list.

A special thanks to our guest experts:

  • Niki Scevak, founder of US real estate company and Australian startup incubator Startmate. Niki was able to share his knowledge on finding an effective business model and identifying target customers. (Look out for an update on the success of the Startmate startups soon!) Contact Niki at
  • Mick Liubinskas, co-founder of Australian startup incubator Pollenizer. Mick talked on testing and validation sharing the well refined customer development process they use at Pollenizer to validate core business assumptions when starting up. Contact Mick at
  • Dave Cunningham, entrepreneur and angel investor. Dave has founded two startups ( and Shanghai Vision) both with successful exits. He was able to share his expert knowledge on effective marketing and sales in a startup business. Contact Dave via daveexplorer (AT)
  • Nick Holmes a Court, founder of Australian startup BuzzNumbers. With the recent opening of their US office and more than 75 enterprise customers BuzzNumbers is quickly growing into an Australian tech success. Nick was able to share his knowledge on Tech development, building a Minimum Viable Product, finding co-founders and building a team. Contact Nick at

In this workshop the topics covered were:

  • Business Idea, Problems and Solutions
  • Business Models and Customers
  • Testing and Validating Assumptions
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Launching Lean, Minimum Viable Product and Team
  • Startup Funding

Following this workshop, we’re going to take a little while to digest all the feedback and our own learning about refining the workshop format, before we go ahead and develop out “How to Startup” version 2.0.

However, we are expecting to hold the next Workshop in a few months time, as well as expand our offering to include additional one-one-one training modules to help founders with the specific concerns of their businesses.

If you are interested in future workshops and/or startup training, contact us here to be put on the notification list.

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