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Pitchworthy News: PayCycle, QDos, PhotoArtGallery

By Rachel Youens on Monday, February 8th, 2010

qdosComputershare founder Chris Morris has invested in Melbourne-based CRM and customer management SaaS company Qdos Technology. Computershare is the only global share registry, and a leading provider of financial market services and technology to the global securities industry.

• When the iPad finally dropped revealing a screen that was roughly the width of a steering wheel and the ability to run any app store game, the folks at FireMint had to be excited. In their blog, the creators of Real Racing have said they are building the next generation of games for higher definition, more powerful devices….

“Some developers have expressed concerns about longer development times for iPad games compared to iPhone. For us, it won’t substantially change anything. Our background in pre-iPhone mobile phone games has given us plenty of experience in squeezing every last drop of performance out of hardware. We pushed the iPhone OS to its limits with Real Racing, which runs like a dream even on a first generation iPod touch. We’re going to keep pushing the limits of whatever hardware we develop for, and to do that we make substantial investments in our games and technology.”

• The names of the companies receiving the December round of the dwindling COMET grant includes Melbourne favorite Photo Art Gallery. This company, which has made several local appearances in the past year at Melbourne’s The Hive gathering as well as at Sydney capital raising event Innovation Bay, has created a site which allows photographers to monetize their hobby by selling images in an online community. Other recipients include Imallestate, an internet knowledge engine, and BusinessHQ, a SaaS quality management solution.

• Last week popular New Zealand-based online accounting service XEROannounced four Aussie payroll providers that would now become compatible with XERO, including startups ePayroll, Paycycle, Webpayroll and ADP.

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