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Social media strategies: How to grow a social media audience for your startup

By Guest Author on Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

This IPitch guest article was kindly supplied by Jane Bolto.  Jane has a background in marketing, and currently works as a content specialist at Jane is always willing to share her passion for new marketing strategies.


Having a strong social media presence can be critical to the success of a startup. Social media offers customers a way of communicating with the company, while at the same time, providing them with valuable information. And while it may take time to form a considerable social media audience, in the end, it could take your startup to the next level. Here are some tips on how to grow your social media presence.

1. Set social media goals

One of the main priorities in initializing your social media presence is to establish goals that you wish to meet with your social media. By creating goals you will give your startup something to strive for and these goals will help to track the progress that is being made. There is no limit to the goals that can be set using social media, but many times startups will start by creating goals relating to the number of followers they gain.

2. Show them you are human

While it is important to utilize the latest advancements in social media to interact with customers, it is also crucial to let those people know that there is a human factor involved. Nowadays one of the main concerns with startups is that they let technology interfere with human relationships and this can cause customers to feel distanced from the company. When using social media, make sure to continually update posts to show that there is human involvement.

3. Include social icons on website

Including the social media icons on your website may seem like an obvious step, but there are many companies who neglect this, and in turn only use social media through the actual platform. By including the social media icons on your website, users will be able to easily share any information they find helpful, and this can go a long way in gaining new followers.

4. Stay organised

It is a good idea to plan social media events and posts ahead of time so that you will be better prepared for the response. Having a media marketing schedule that will show when each post is to be made and the content of that post can make it easier to manage social media accounts. Furthermore, keeping track of the results can give you insight into the reaction the posts are getting from followers and it will show their level of involvement.

5. Create valuable content

Valuable content can be integral in gaining a social media following. After all, no one wants to read meaningless posts, nor will they be apt to share such things. Instead, make sure that every social media post is relevant so that it will get attention from followers. By creating valuable content, you are showing users that the startup is concerned with how their customers feel and that you are striving for their satisfaction.

6. Use multiple platforms

When you think of social media there is a good chance that Facebook and Twitter come to mind, but these are only a couple of the many social networking platforms on the market. By expanding into every media platform possible, you are increasing the amount of exposure that the company will receive. This will also allow you to see which platforms are proving the most successful.


There is no doubt that social media will continue to play a vital role in the future of startups. Social media is a great way to introduce new concepts and products to customers, as well as providing a way for them to interact with the company. When forming a social media strategy for your startup, you will want to make sure that you are creating valuable content, using multiple platforms, and have a proper strategy in place. Using these social media techniques can help gain customers and increase business exposure.

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