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Registering a Business in Australia’s States

By Rachel Youens on Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Starting a Business in Victoria

The Business Victoria website offers some comprehensive resources on getting started and should be one of your first stops as you start your business.

Before you register a business name in Victoria, check to make sure that name, or anything similar, is registered. You can do this with Consumer Affairs Victoria. To do a check through all of Australia, you can use the ASIC database.

If you find your name is secure and no similar names are registered, you can go ahead file your application for registration of the name here and pay a small fee. You will be stopped in the process if the online application recognizes the name as to close to another business, but the system is imperfect and you can override it and apply anyway. If the name is indeed taken, you will be able to use a second choice.

Starting a Business in New South Wales

Although searching around the net may first take you to the NSW SmallBiz site, the real center for hard information is the Office of Fair Trading.

In NSW, registering for a business name will set you back $152 and you cannot lodge this application online, it must be done at an Office of Fair Trading location or be mailed. You can download the application here or call 13 32 20 to find the nearest location.

Other sites that may be useful to you:

The New South Wales office of Industrial Relations specializes more in dealing with employees and paying taxes, a topic you can find addressed here.

Starting a Business in Queensland

Your first stop for business info in Queensland will be the Office of Fair Trading website, but the government’s business website is also helpful.

Registering a Queensland business name will set you back $126 for a year of registration and , like NSW, cannot be lodged online. You can download the form here, and there are several options on filing it depending on the turnaround you desire. Filing at a Fair Trading office or a SmartLicense office can get you a processing time as quick as two hours while mailing your application can take up to ten days.

Starting a Business in South Australia

In South Australia you will be registering your business name with the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs for a cost of $150. As with all the other states, you can check the state’s name registry but you should also check the national name registry to see if your choice is available. You have multiple options on how to file the application, including by fax, in person, by mail or online. If you want to do it old school style by snail mail, fax or face to face, you can download the form here. If you would like to submit your business name registration via the web you will need to visit the Department of Justce’s website.

Registering a Business in Tasmania

Now Tasmania is a bit behind the times, so there are a few things about registering a business name in Tassie that can prove slightly more difficult. First of all, checking to see if someone had a similar name is a very manual process..while other states will simply allow you to conduct an online search, in Tasmania you will need to file a separate form called an Enquiry as to Availability of a Name. You don’t have to necessarily run this $14.60 service, but otherwise if you file for a business name registration and there’s a name too similar to yours, you forfeit the application fee of $133.

You will not be able to lodge your application online, you will have to do it by fax, mail or in person, but you can download the form here.

Registering a Business in the Northern Territory

Northern Territory surprisingly takes the prize for being not only the cheapest place to register a business, but for offering one of the easiest systems. The state’s Form Central site will hold your hand through the entire process, just open a free account on the site, use the “find a form” category to get the business registration form, fill it out, pay the $60 and submit the form right there in the PDF using their “express submit” feature.

Starting a Business in Western Australia

In Western Australia you will be dealing with the Department of Commerce in order to register your business name. You must submit the forms either by mail or at your nearest Office of Consumer Protection. The forms can be downloaded here and the cost will run you $90.

Although our info is researched, we aren’t lawyers so check yourself before you wreck yourself and get some professional law consultation if you have any questions.

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