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Why choose a serviced or virtual office?

By Guest Author on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

virtual-office-servcorpThis article discusses the benefits of entrepreneurs using a serviced or virtual office rather than renting traditional office space. This article was written by Annie Pathania of Servcorp, iPitch’s office and virtual services partner.

Changing times and economic conditions have brought about a shift in the way business is done in the world today. No longer is the traditional 9 to 5 desk job in a large company considered the only way to run a business. The rise of the mobile and home-based business has created an unprecedented demand for flexible workspace solutions. Serviced and virtual offices are redefining the world of work and offer businesses of all sizes flexible, innovative cost effective solutions.

Today entrepreneurs need a smart efficient solution that will not only give their business a professional image and the tools to focus on increasing their bottom line rather than having to worry about the day to day running of an office. So the concept of serviced and virtual offices is fast becoming a worldwide phenomenon and that Holy Grail solution that entrepreneurs have been searching for.

A serviced office has all the benefits of an office space which gives business a fully furnished office, complete with an already set up IT system, receptionist or secretary and additional support staff to take care of the day to day duties, while enjoying an unbranded business space which they can present as their own, and much more. Having a prestigious and sought after CBD address on your business card, a receptionist as the face and voice of the company can be organised within minutes. The principal is quite simple, sharing the costs of the day to day running of an office will give you an infrastructure, people and fit out that will make your business more successful and profitable.

For start-ups and entrepreneurs setting up and office can take months, plus there’s the costs of hiring staff, finding furniture and that complicated task of trying to work out the nuances of setting up the internet, telephone and other technology. Not to mention the task and cost of training the new staff. By signing up for a serviced of virtual office clients can skip all this and are literally ready within minutes to focus on making their business a success.

Now virtual office is exactly that. You can be in two places at the same time. You can have a Virtual Office in the famed Seagram Building in the heart of Park Avenue, New York City, while you run your business from the comfort of your suburban Sydney Home. You can have a New York address and number, all for the cost of running a business locally. A virtual office blends home and work while maintaining a professional image of a traditional, high cost office, whilst also avoiding the daily commute. Businesses can allow space for low cost expansion with the added bonus no long term commitments or contracts.

Having the right technology set up is integral in ensuring your business is equipped with the right technology to support it in today’s market. Serviced and virtual office clients can manage their business while on the go from any location in the world. Clients can easily book a boardroom in London from their Sydney office or any other location using their personal online account or via their phone or tablet, and are ready to go as soon as they arrive. The accessibility of running a business online and having the technology support is what can be the defining factor that helps a business stand out from the competition.

The opportunities with the right serviced or virtual office provider are what can set your business apart from the rest. Whether it’s a local business you’re running or are looking to expand your business nationally or even gain access to an international market, business people can have a local address, local phone number, local support team and a professional presence in any market!

With all these benefits it’s no wonder an increasing number of entrepreneurs are starting up with a service or virtual office rather than worrying about renting out and setting up a traditional office space.

ipitch_partner_logoIf you are a business looking for Office and/or Virtual Services assistance, contact Servcorp, iPitch’s Office and Virtual Services partner who specialises working with startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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