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Why does iPitch exist?

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What is iPitch? is an online community which educates and connects Australian entrepreneurs to help them startup and grow their businesses.

The iPitch community is for Australian entrepreneurs, startup founders, early stage investors, incubators, service providers, business advisors and mentors. If you’re one of these people and not already part of the iPitch entrepreneurial community, join us now.

iPitch is about “Educating and Connecting Entrepreneurs”. We seek to provide a thorough, practical and ongoing entrepreneurial education, and connect you with the people, groups and businesses that will make a difference to you and your startup.

What we offer:

  • Free signup, create your startup profile and get instant exposure for your startup
  • “Pitch” your business ideas to the Australian entrepreneurial community
  • Connect with early stage business investors
  • Find service providers
  • Leverage iPitch partners
  • Free educational resources
  • Find startup events

Now you know what iPitch is, or if you haven’t already, join us now.

iPitch is a business. Founded in 2009, it’s a startup itself and our business is all about building, educating and connecting the Australian startup and entrepreneurial community. See our iPitch Startup Profile here: