November 25, 2019

The Hottest ASX Growth Stocks in 2019

by Sky Wellington in News

The ASX – Australian Stock Exchange is Australia’s primary securities exchange. Outside of Australia, it is also known as the Sydney Stock Exchange. Today, ASX is one the world’s top 16 listed exchange groups with an average daily turnover of A$4.685 billion and a market capitalisation of around A$1.9 trillion. ASX is not only a market operator, clearinghouse and payments system facilitator, but it also oversees compliance with its operating rules, promotes standards of corporate governance among Australia’s listed companies and helps educate retail investors.

ASX operates Australia’s largest share market, providing a transparent and regulated environment where companies and investors of all shapes and sizes can come together. Almost 2,200 companies and issuers are listed on ASX. These range from large well-established companies to small start-up companies.

For any investor to be, knowing where to begin in the business world is probably one of the most difficult things to figure out. The vast and fast-growing market can further make the task more difficult if the investor does not know what to do. Moreover, knowing what stocks to buy depending on the value and when is no easy task either. There are over 2,000 stocks on the Australian Securities Exchange. It is almost impossible to sift through all those stocks on your own.

So if you are new to the business world, here are some of the hottest ASX growth stocks of 2019

Kalium Lakes (ASX KLL)

Australia consumes about 40,000 tonnes of Sulphate of Potash, a fertilizer which is manufactured by Kalium Lakes per year. There are up till now no companies that are producing SOP for Australia.

Volpara Health Technologies

New Zealand based and with social scalability, Volpara Health Technologies is a healthcare research and development company which provides medical software. It specialises in breast screening and detection. The flow of information between the clinic taking the screening mammogram x-ray and the doctor is automated by this software.

PWH Holdings

An Australia based company, PWH holdings is known for producing world-class cooling systems for sports motors and automobiles.

PWH holdings industry is very fast growing with new developments and partnerships with elite racing companies.


Appen is a software which develops human-annotated datasheets for machine learning and artificial intelligence. With a very large audience of over 1 million people, Appen helps government agencies and technology companies to improve their machine learning-based products.

Saracen Minerals Holdings Ltd.

With strong financial health status, Saracen Mineral Holdings Limited is an Australian based company that operates as a holding company. The main motive of the company is exploring and mining gold and other minerals.

What effects growth stocks

The main factors that affect growth stocks more are qualitative factors. Quantitative factors such as revenue, profit etc. usually take a back seat. The growth sticks are mainly driven by qualitative factors such as first-mover advantage, quantity and quality of product, permits and technology.