February 27, 2020

Top 4 Australian Startups to Watch in 2020

by Sky Wellington in News

Every year thousands of students graduate from colleges and universities. The next step for them is to get a job. This is where most of them face a huge dilemma. They have a choice between being recruited in an already settled company or MNC that already has a brand presence, making a promising future for themselves. Or they could try and bet on the gamble of a startup.

If it works, they are set for life and enjoy the benefits that come with being a business owner and if they fail, then they lose all their investment and start as a failure. However, when we access the market, we always find some sort of shortcoming in every field. This means there is always an opportunity to solve a problem and a startup can do just that. This is why we decided to list some of the upcoming and potential-filled startups for you to inspire you. If you are starting up your own business, then you will need a service provider who can help you in all aspects of telecommunication as well as the Internet, well look no further than Spirit Telecom Limited.

  1. Power ledger

The startup has a very gender diverse team and a creative idea for their startup. It became famous for providing P2P solar energy trading blockchain technology to a renewable energy source processor. They were open for sellers and choose to sell to the highest bidder.

  • Speedlancer

In today’s world, people are more and more drawn towards freelancing because of its flexible timings and workload. It is when you work on a project on your own conditions. Speedlancer is a website that has been created in Sydney, providing projects for freelancers in every field. It provides a marketplace to its freelancers and all tasks are to be delivered within 4 hours. It is an excellent service that is being provided.

  • Flurosat

Flurosat has a very interesting concept. They are a startup that uses drones to access the quality of crops in an agricultural setting. This is a quick and simple way to ensure food security and quality. They also help farmers produce the best crops while also coming up with new ways to enhance and make farming practices more efficient.

  • Confeti

Wedding planning can be such a tiring and difficult task. Finding a planner that plans according to your likes and dislikes and works under the budget you require is a very difficult task. Confeti created a platform for connecting brides and grooms with wedding planners according to their likes and dislikes. This will help the bride and groom get a planner that will be tailored to their needs and help them plan the best wedding possible. It is a unique idea that has much potential and has started to rise within the Australian market as choosing your own venue, decoration, and other things can be a hassle many do not have time for.