May 23, 2022

Do you need a standby generator for your business?

by Sky Wellington in Business

Natural disasters, storms, and other unforeseeable events can result in negative (and even devastating) effects on company activities, particularly when they cause your power to stop working.

Although it’s not feasible to stop Mother Nature, you can ensure you are protected for your business from disaster by implementing an incident recovery plan. These plans explain the steps you can take to keep your business operating during a natural catastrophe, interruption, outage, or other situations. A majority of the incident recovery plans advise making backup systems available, including the emergency communication system and data recovery techniques and support channels for customers. However, other power sources are often neglected regardless of their importance to keeping your business operating.

A trendy backup power supply is the standby generator. Also called an automatic backup generator, This device is a powerful and vital power source should there be a power interruption. In reality, the generator can help keep your business going to ensure that you do not suffer an interruption in communication or data and even customers.

Four reasons you require the help of a standby generator for your business.

1. Eliminate Unwanted Downtime

If your company isn’t prepared for power failures, your business may be put into standby mode. Communication channels and other equipment may be cut off if your business isn’t powered, and, consequently, the company could suffer productivity and profit. If you’ve been told that “time is money,” you’ll understand why a standby generator can be essential for avoiding downtime at your company.

An automatic switch of your backup generator will activate in the event of power outages and will instantly supply electricity to your company. Your business won’t be unable to continue operating in the event of a power interruption, and your business processes will be operational until the electricity grid returns.

2. Protect Customer Data

Unpredictable power outages affect more than your office and employees. Your customers’ information and customers data are also affected as well. Customers should ensure that their private information is available and safe during the outage because computers and servers can be vulnerable if the power is cut off.

The standby generator you have installed can supply electricity to your phones, servers, machines and computers in seconds, ensuring that you are in operation. You can also store a backup copy of your data from customers offsite for additional protection and security.

3. Preserve the Lines of Communication

A backup generator will allow your business to continue supporting and serving customers in the event of a power failure. Customers will need to contact you while your backup generator will provide electricity to your support lines so that they are available. Be sure to inform your customers about the power outage to provide clarity as you connect them and meet their needs.

4. Keep Crucial Systems Operational

A backup generator can keep your mission-critical systems operating. No matter what it is, whether it’s an HVAC appliance or security system, having a generator will keep these vital functions from becoming unresponsive. When power outages occur, your standby generator will be activated and provide power to all connected systems within your building or warehouse, allowing operations to operate as usual.

The backup generator will also give you a sense of safety since you can leave your office confident that your alarm system and security systems will remain functional and powered.

How to Calculate Generator Size for Your Needs?

The average manufacturing facility consumes 95.1 Kilowatt-hours per square foot per year, with the bulk of it being used to cool and heat products and power machinery in the estimation of E Source, a research and consulting firm serving the industry of utilities. This is a significant amount of energy needed to run a business.

Generators are rated according to the quantity of power (in the watts) they generate. The generator you buy must handle the total control of all the devices you plan to power in a power outage.


It’s as easy as supplying power to your business telephones or something more complex such as powering a massive information centre; power outages mustn’t cause your company to be in ruin. If you choose to use the backup generator, you’ll add extra protection against possible power outages.

Our specialists at Sloan Electric can help maintain your generator’s condition, repair, and service so that you’re not without power. Call our certified electricians operating in Ferntree Gully and let us assist you in taking the next step in keeping your backup power source in good working order.