March 16, 2020

The 5 Best Tech Stocks to Buy for 2020

by Sky Wellington in News

It is surely not an easy job to find the stock shares that are best to buy. As you all know, a massive amount of information and a lot of factors need to be processed before opting for one, you should always have some idea of the macroeconomic and fundamental environment when buying a stock share. Investing in tech stock can definitely be of immense benefit and earning as many people build a startup afterwards and pave their way towards being a millionaire. So basically, a tech stock is like any company that operates in the technology sector. It can be anything from semiconductors, cloud computing, e-commerce to social media.

Almost all technology stocks have a lot of similar characteristics, but as a whole; these tech stocks mostly deal with high earnings multiples. In fact, not just high earnings multiples, but also often demonstrate above standard growth prospects and in multiple of cases have limited physical assets. For example, if we talk about Amazon; it owns no retail stores, and if we talk about Uber; it does not own any car. So, since you are on a lookout for the best tech stock to buy, take a look at our top 5 picks of the best tech stocks to buy. You can even get in touch with JustCo to help you out with this. Here are the 5 best tech stocks to buy for 2020 with a lot of benefits for you:

  1. Xero (XRO)

One of the best tech stocks that you can invest in is Xero which is brilliant, and an award-winning cloud-based accounting software business. This Xero Company is right now focusing on providing its 1.8 million members with a connection to a flourishing ecosystem of more than 700 third party apps and above 200 connections to financial service providers and banks. Their current share price target on the tech stock is rising from $65.00 to $90.00 per share.

  • WiseTech (WTC)

It is a global developer of cloud-based software services for both, the domestic and international logistics countries. There are 12,000 organizations across 150 countries using the product and services of WiseTech. This company has throughout been well-liked by the analysts and right now holds an average buy rating and a 12-month price target exceeding current share price levels.


If any company has consistently grown its revenue in these recent years, it is NEXTDC. In fact, it even continues to be well-liked by the analysts. It is basically involved in authorizing business transformation through innovative data centre outsourcing services, connectivity solutions and infrastructure management software. Plus, the recent 12 month is still remarkably advantageous for investors.

  • EML Payments (EML)

EML Payments (EML) develops and offers financial technology for payouts, incentives, rewards, supplier payments and gifts. The company has grown its revenue by 37% and earnings by 40%.

  • Afterpay (APT)

It is global leaders in the rapidly prospering buy now pay later space. The Afterpay share price has risen 148% from last year, which is more than doubling. It is quickly growing its business internationally.